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Annette A

Never heard of this link, but it got me wondering. I developed eczema at the age of 17 months (due to a washing machine engineer who came out to fix our washing machine, and gave my mum a box of a brand new type of washing powder, just developed – will clean your clothes whiter than white! – ie biological. One wash later, (of the clothes!) I was covered in scaly patches. Never really gone away.) When I subsequently developed diabetes (4 yrs) a doctor suggested that the same immune system that ‘allowed’ the diabetes to develop also ‘allowed’ the eczema to take hold. And I’m not sure about this, but some doctors claim that acne can be a sign of a reduced immune system (which is why you can sometimes have a breakout when your system is low – with a cold/flu/whatever).
So if you are genetically prone to a slightly lower immune system, you’ll likely get acne, or eczema, etc, and if you’re genetically prone to autoimmune problems, you’ll have a higher chance of diabetes. And if you’re the latter, you’ll likely be the former. Could acne (or in my case eczema, or any of the other autoimmune problems) be a possible preindicator of future problems? Or am I just trying to see patterns where there aren’t any?