Diabetes UK launches new on-line fundraising system

By | 25 September, 2009

logo_diabetesGenerous readers who a) like fundraising for Diabetes UK; b) don’t like rattling a tin; c) like Intermaweb-based systems, will be thrilled to hear that Diabetes UK have launched a new on-line fundraising system (or you would have been, if I had not stolen my own thunder in the headline…)

The new site can be found at www.diabeteschallenge.org.uk and aims to allow people to set themselves fund-raising challenges – abseiling from a bridge, scaling the south west face of Everest, sponsored lion taming, etc., etc. Friends, family and other hangers-on can contribute to the target by using their well-worn plastic credit cards via the new site.

So far, so thrilling. However, using Diabetes UK’s effort does mean that 100% of the cashola does actually go to Diabetes UK. Unbeknownst to me (prior to writing this article, of course) certain well known on-line charity sites are in fact for-profit organisations who take a slice of the cash to fund the running of their site, salaries and, of course, line shareholder’s pockets. Which is great (if you’re a shareholder).

Said well-know sites do, of course, let you know about their fees in advance and there’s nothing wrong with for-profit companies doing this. However, I have to confess I do prefer the idea of all the cash people raise going to everyone’s (well, nearly everyone’s) favourite UK-based diabetes charity – so this can only be a good thing. Now to find my wooden chair and whip – I’ve got lion taming to do.

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2 thoughts on “Diabetes UK launches new on-line fundraising system

  1. CALpumper aka Crystal

    Good stuff! If I lived in the UK I would donate.
    But I don’t. Wish I did. Did I mention that I don’t?
    Also, if I did, I would so find a way to get to the meet-up.
    In other news, it’s Friday. 😉
    Hope all is well cross the pond.

  2. Tim

    CALpumper aka Crystal :
    Also, if I did, I would so find a way to get to the meet-up.

    Why not stow away on-board a boat bringing barbecued-ribs (or whatever) across the Atlantic? It’d be a cheap and easy way of getting to Edinburgh for the meet up.


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