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Novo Nordisk pulls insulin from Greece

According to the BBC, everyone’s favourite pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is withdrawing its insulin products – including Levemir & NovoRapid – from Greece after the Greek government ordered a 25% price cut in all medicines due to their current financial difficulties. You can read Aunty Beeb’s full article here: Being evil, I always like to… Read More »

Tormenting your MP

Now the election in the UK has been won (sort of) a whole new load of MPs are moving into their new offices in the House of Commons, all of them blissfully unaware of the pancreatically-challenged hordes out there. Of course, viewers in Scotland will have the same old MSPs until 2011 (health being a… Read More »

Setting the research agenda

Read on – you need to do something here, it’s important. I have on occasion had a cynical little rant about the relevance of some diabetes research to improving lives today. I have also spent many a meeting in ;

A healthy dose of cynicism

Here at ShootUp we believe a healthy dose of cynicism is as important a part of living well with diabetes as insulin, carb counting and a balanced helping of optimism.  I’ve already admitted the cardinal sin of not being excited about a cure and questioned whether the sexiness of finding a cure distracts us from providing… Read More »

Without wishing to be cynical

I spent a lovely Saturday evening in a pub in Edinburgh with some of our readers. Amongst other things we chatted about local diabetes care. Tim has a letter from the Chief Executive of NHS Lothian telling him that they deliver the best diabetes care in Scotland. Marvellous. When they deliver diabetes care that meets all the national guidelines… Read More »

Diabetes inventions

I recently did an interview for a diabetes magazine (yes, another magazine – we’re getting really big now in diabetes celebrity circles; such as they are). And I was asked what single development would make life easier for me as a member of the pancreatically-challenged hoard. I did think about a new pancreas grown from… Read More »