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Scots to get insulin pumps shocker

Happy days for potential pumpers in Scotland. In response to huge amounts of nagging from pancreatically challenged Scots, IPAG and Diabetes UK, Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced today: “By the end of March 2013, this treatment [insulin pumps] will be made available to the 480 children and teens struggling with type 1 diabetes who could… Read More »

Dog eats DUK hummingbird

This dog is hanging its head in shame and would like to apologise for its behaviour. Having indulged in one too many glasses of port over the festive season he briefly lost control and ate the Diabetes UK hummingbird. He is very sorry that a lot of hard work has had to go into producing… Read More »

Fancy a new pancreas?

A correspondent just left this in my basket and it’s clearly this season’s must-have accessory for the pancreatically-challenged: Tragically the postage from the USA to the UK costs more than the actual product, so – yet again – its one rule for the USA and one for the cash-strapped British NHS. Woof!

Blood glucose meter inventor dies

This dog hangs his head in shame as he’s just realised he had no idea who invented the first portable blood glucose monitor until he read his obituary today. This much better informed dog now knows that Sheffield-born electronics engineer Stanley Clark invented said device in his spare time whilst living in Australia, motivated by his 5… Read More »

Diabetic gets honorary degree

Sir Steve Redgrave – most famous for promising to give interviews to small – but well-formed – diabetes-related websites and then ignoring any follow up emails from hard-working and dedicated website owners – has been given an honorary degree from St Andrews university. You can read all about it here,70299,en.html if you’re interested in… Read More »

National Diabetes Information Service

The NHS and Diabetes UK (and some other people) have partnered to create the National Diabetes Information Service; according the site it “…provides support to the NHS via streamlined access to a comprehensive suite of diabetes information products, datasets and tools, via one web portal.” Basically there’s a tonne of diabetes-related information and links. It’s… Read More »