Fancy a new pancreas?

By | 17 October, 2011

large-pancreas_medA correspondent just left this in my basket and it’s clearly this season’s must-have accessory for the pancreatically-challenged:

Tragically the postage from the USA to the UK costs more than the actual product, so – yet again – its one rule for the USA and one for the cash-strapped British NHS. Woof!

7 thoughts on “Fancy a new pancreas?

  1. katherine cromwell

    Oh my god that is so sad! I really do pity these people.

  2. Janie Leigh

    Is it wrong that I think that the pancreas is really cute?

    1. Tim

      Nope! I want one – and as soon as I find a stockist in the UK that actually has any – I will buy one!


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