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By | 14 June, 2018

It’s not always easy to #talkaboutdiabetes. When you’re a pregnant diabetic trying to gather as much information as possible #languagematters and it can all feel like a bit of a challenge. (This harks back to Alison’s pregnancy in 2013, she isn’t pregnant again, the world isn’t ready for that!).

Whatever medical condition I have I like to get a good understanding of it. How does it work, why are things happening, what are the pros and cons of all the options for treating it? I’ve always seen this as critical to successful diabetes management.

A conversation. In a park. Between two women. Sitting on benches.

A conversation. In a park. Between two women. Sitting on benches.

Open conversations with medical professionals are key to this. I need to be able to ask questions about what’s happening and why. The answers help me understand what’s going on and inform my decisions.

Taking this approach to pregnancy is proving challenging. There seems to be a default setting that means any question you ask will be ;

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