Tim’s Pancreas Limited

By | 18 March, 2016

During the course of some earlier discussion on your soaraway Shoot Up, I used an over-complicated analogy describing myself as being Managing Director of my diabetes. Never being one to avoid over-egging a pudding, I thought I would draw this out into a whole company, which I’ve dubbed “Tim’s Pancreas Limited”.

Being an organised sort of chap, I’ve drawn up a hierarchical organisation chart below (you can click on it to make it bigger, if you want):


The ;

7 thoughts on “Tim’s Pancreas Limited

  1. Tim Post author

    Having re-read this, I think a better name for my company might be Tim’s Limited Pancreas…! Arf!

  2. Brian

    I think that is worthy of wider publicity, Balance or JDRF mag ? – it’s just as it should be with the pwd leading.
    I’d promote your wife to Chairwoman – I bet she has overall control of you 🙂
    You could add a Research Dept in – eg Medtronic or whoever CGM you have because CGM is a main player


    1. Tim Post author

      Brian – you’re absolutely right regarding Katie: she should be at the top of the tree somewhere above me!

      Adding the research department is an excellent idea!

      [edit – so much so that I’ve incorporated these into the article and promoted Katie to “Director”!]

    1. Tim Post author

      Having re-read your tender document , I’m not surprised no-one applied for the job. It’s a bit of a thankless task!

    1. Tim Post author

      Very sad to hear about the decline of Pancreas Industries! Such a bastion of your body’s industrial base.


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