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By | 18 March, 2016

During the course of some earlier discussion on your soaraway Shoot Up, I used an over-complicated analogy describing myself as being Managing Director of my diabetes. Never being one to avoid over-egging a pudding, I thought I would draw this out into a whole company, which I’ve dubbed “Tim’s Pancreas Limited”.

Being an organised sort of chap, I’ve drawn up a hierarchical organisation chart below (you can click on it to make it bigger, if you want):


The various positions relate to the various people and entities that make up my circle of diabetes operatives. At the very top of the apex is, of course, me! As well as massaging my already enormous ego, this is a reflection of the true position. Ultimately I’m in control of everything related to my diabetes; the buck stops with me. With such great power comes great responsibility but after ten years on the job, I think I’m up to it.

We then have various levels of senior executive.  Staff up at the Royal Infirmary, including my consultant and specialist nurse, are always invited to board meetings in my glass and chrome skyscraper and I’m prepared to listen to most of what they have to say. Equally, my wife Katie is a constant companion and vital member of the team, fulfilling the unenviable role of Head of Support.

Next come the necessary but arguably less important staff members – my pharmacist arranges my all insulin and other kit and my general practitioner messes around with prescriptions or something and I rarely, if ever, see him / her / it.

Next we have the Research & Development department, with our chums at Medtronic, Bayer et al, beavering away making new stuff for us to mess around with (and, of course, working on their sideline of drowning puppies). While our second favourite charities Diabetes UK and the JDRF (among others) fund research into new, cool stuff for us. Which is nice.

Then we have the remainder of my diabetic company – at the top of which is, of course, my and your soaraway Shoot Up. Taking responsibility for all social aspects of my diabetes (and the occasional port-related hangover) Shoot Up is vital source of feedback, advice, support and overwhelming grammar pedantry.

In the unloved, dank basement office we have shunted social media. And finally, of course, we have Rival Blogs in our organisation, after all it’s vital to keep your enemies close, so you can study them and crush them when the time is right.

So, how do you organise your diabetes company?

[article edited 18-03-16, to include Brian’s comments below]

7 thoughts on “Tim’s Pancreas Limited

  1. Tim Post author

    Having re-read this, I think a better name for my company might be Tim’s Limited Pancreas…! Arf!

  2. Brian

    I think that is worthy of wider publicity, Balance or JDRF mag ? – it’s just as it should be with the pwd leading.
    I’d promote your wife to Chairwoman – I bet she has overall control of you 🙂
    You could add a Research Dept in – eg Medtronic or whoever CGM you have because CGM is a main player


    1. Tim Post author

      Brian – you’re absolutely right regarding Katie: she should be at the top of the tree somewhere above me!

      Adding the research department is an excellent idea!

      [edit – so much so that I’ve incorporated these into the article and promoted Katie to “Director”!]

    1. Tim Post author

      Having re-read your tender document , I’m not surprised no-one applied for the job. It’s a bit of a thankless task!

    1. Tim Post author

      Very sad to hear about the decline of Pancreas Industries! Such a bastion of your body’s industrial base.


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