The age of Enlite-enment

By | 13 April, 2011

Medtronic have announced that their new Enlite CGM sensor – as played with by  Alison and Tim in Switzerland recently – has received CE Mark approval in Paris which means it can now be launched subject to other local approvals in more than 35 countries. As yet, no news on a launch date in the UK, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

In what seems to becoming a bit of a trend, the sensors will be launched in Europe before they’re launched in the USA. No formal explanation for that, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the length of time it’s taking products in the US to get approval from the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) seems to be a pretty significant roadblock.

This dog is hoping the new, more accurate, smaller, less painful to insert, now CE mark approved Enlite sensor hits the shops soon as certain ShootUp writers only have a couple of old sensors left and are loathe to order a new box when exciting new goodies are on the horizon!

2 thoughts on “The age of Enlite-enment

  1. lizz

    Sounds good! Can’t find any mention of HOW it is more accurate – does it give readings of a more up-to-date nature?

    Turns out I am not very good at applying sensors – well I can apply them, but this time trying to get the darned needle out (SUCH a struggle!) I gouged one of my fingers. So I am typing this one-handedly. anyone else done this?


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