Unexpected diabetes complication

By | 28 April, 2009
Possibly the dullest pictorial filler on the website

Possibly the dullest pictorial filler on the website

I’ve just emptied the washing machine (stick with me, it does get  marginally more interesting I promise). There’s a nice clean load of  washing ready to be hung out. Except for one small problem. It’s  covered in slime. Every item of clothing has different coloured sticky  goo on it, and there are bits of paper all over the place too.

Sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve had this washing machine slime  issue. It’s a diabetes complication caused by using fruit pastilles as  my preferred “I’m a bit low need something now” treatment. They’re in  most of my pockets and most of my husband’s too. Most of the time we  remember to take them out before we put the clothes in the wash. As I
said, most of the time.

Top diabetes tip readers – fruit pastilles should never be washed at 50 degrees, they can’t take the heat.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected diabetes complication

  1. Teloz

    Takes “the curse of the paper hankie” to a whole new level! I love it! Pmsl! 😀

  2. Rohan

    Lol! I’m yet to wash a packet of glucose tablets, but have got pretty close on a few occasions… Hopefully they wont powderise when I inevitably do…


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