Food Glorious Food

By | 24 April, 2009
Food, glorious food

Food, glorious food

There’s a lot of nonsense talked about what you can and can’t eat as a diabetic. This blog focuses on Type One diabetes and those lucky enough to have Type Two might find their experience differs. But probably not much.

When I was first diagnosed with Type One a few years ago, part of my crash course in diabetes was a session or two (easy there!) with a lovely dietician called Debbie.

By the way, it’s worth noting at this point that “dietician” is a protected term in the UK – much like “solicitor” or “architect”. You can’t call yourself a dietician (or a solicitor or architect) unless you are suitably qualified. However, the same is not true for the term “nutritionist” in the UK (it’s different in other countries though).

Essentially any old snake-oil merchant, quack or loony can call themselves a nutritionist in the UK. This is why pretty much anything written or sold by a “nutritionist” in the UK can almost exclusively be discounted as complete rubbish.

Anyway, that aside, Debbie and I had a lovely time and mainly chatted about my homemade Baileys ice cream and spoke about carbohydrate counting and a diet made up of foods with a low glycaemic index. I’ll talk about carb. counting in another post so ignore that for now, but the glycaemic index thing is worthy of mention as I think it’s possibly the most relevant part of the Type One diet.

Glycaemic index

As you probably know when you eat your deep fried mars bar or delicately sautéed fois gras your digestive system breaks down the foody-goo and releases its ;

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