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Hello sailor!

We’re just back from a fantastic fortnight sailing around the beautiful Aegean Sea. We were around the islands where Mamma Mia was filmed so the poor husband is still recovering from being tunelessly serenaded with Abba tunes most days by yours truly! Reading through the comments it looks like Tim’s had plenty of company while I’ve been away… Read More »

In the land of garlic and cheese

You’ll all have noted from her earlier post that that Alison and her hubby are off sailing for a fortnight. Well, not one to be left out, I’m also on holiday for the next six days in the sunny south of France – staying with my folks who live an hour north of Toulouse. Unlike… Read More »

All at sea

The husband and I are off on our jollies for a couple of weeks, so I’ll leave you in the slightly scary but very entertaining care of Tim. We’re going sailing in Greece which should be fabulous. Sailing is always an interesting diabetes challenge. I find I have to plan my insulin alongside the weather forecast. No… Read More »

I must have an honest face

Tim is still on his hols which means I’m still dreaming about holidays and reminiscing happily about previous travel adventures.The honest one and the shifty one at the Top of the Rock Tim and Katie are spending some time in New York so I wanted to offer them a bit of advice. When we went… Read More »

We’re all going on a summer holiday

In the immortal words of Sir Cliff Richard OBE: We’re all going on a summer holiday No more worries for a week or two Fun and laughter on a summer holiday No more worries for me and you For a week or two Yes, I’m leaving all you lovely readers to the tender mercies of… Read More »

Venice, city of carbs

We’re back from our long weekend in Venice, it was all the things they tell you in the guide books – romantic, beautiful, lots of bridges, water, gondolas etc and one thing they don’t tell you – carb heavy. I’ve thought for years that as well as eating low GI foods reducing the number of… Read More »

Bing bong!

Ladies and gentlemen this is a live blog update from the Virgin trains service to London Euston (wireless internet on trains, nice move Virgin). I was sitting here quietly trying and failing to do something clever with Excel when my ears pricked up, the man opposite me uttered the D word. As ear wigging on… Read More »