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Diabetes inventions

I recently did an interview for a diabetes magazine (yes, another magazine – we’re getting really big now in diabetes celebrity circles; such as they are). And I was asked what single development would make life easier for me as a member of the pancreatically-challenged hoard. I did think about a new pancreas grown from… Read More »

Getting blood out of a finger

I was having a look at the Accu-Chek Compact Plus recently as part of a forthcoming review (hurrah! I hear all you blood-glucose-meter-review fans cry!) and my attention was drawn to the finger pricker, lancet delivery device or whatever you want to call it. Normally when I review a meter I don’t usually bother with… Read More »

Good job Abbott

We diabetic types can be a grumpy bunch. I can whinge for hours about how inefficient my GP’s repeat prescription service is and how my repeat prescription rarely includes what I actually ask for, but plenty of stuff I didn’t (why would I need hayfever tablets in December?). Changing an infusion set sometimes feels like… Read More »