Good job Abbott

By | 28 October, 2009

A fully powered Optium XceedWe diabetic types can be a grumpy bunch. I can whinge for hours about how inefficient my GP’s repeat prescription service is and how my repeat prescription rarely includes what I actually ask for, but plenty of stuff I didn’t (why would I need hayfever tablets in December?).

Changing an infusion set sometimes feels like an overwhelming hassle, and I’m never happier than when I’ve started a new box of test strips so I know I don’t have to fight with the packaging again for another week or so.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I find the minutiae of diabetes a little tedious to say the least.

Imagine my horror when my beloved (ok, not quite beloved, more “basic model that fulfils all my requirements”) Optium Xceed glucose meter decided it needed a new battery. Oh the hassle. I need to find the box that I’ve filed away safely but can’t remember where, then no doubt fill out forms in triplicate and send off my birth and marriage certificate along with glucose readings dating back to 1996 just to get a new battery from those darn meter makers.

How wrong could I be? In a last ditch attempt to avoid having to find the meter box or call a helpline and answer 101 irrelevant questions about my diabetes just to get a new battery, I went to Abbott’s website. At this point I discovered I am nothing but a weaselled old cynic. They have a free online ordering system for replacement batteries. It’s quick and easy to use and collected an acceptably small amount of data for marketing purposes. And my new battery arrived the next day.

How simple is that? What a refreshing change from the usual quagmire of diabetes admin. Thanks Abbott. Online replacement battery ordering is a small thing, but it makes life so much easier.

Right, I’m off to go and get irritated about having to make an appointment for my eye check 😉

6 thoughts on “Good job Abbott

  1. Tim

    Problem with Abbot is that I find the name of their customer support scheme “Friends for Life” somewhat sinister. Is it like the Mafia – the only way you can leave them is through your untimely death?

  2. Alison

    @Tim LOL. I’m sure it was well intentioned but it does make me think that even if I was cured they’d come chasing after me because I’d signed up to this for life!

  3. Crystal

    You two are funny.
    Go Abbott. I’m impressed. Never heard of any manufacturer over here offering up free batteries. It’s always good to have one less thing to worry about. Of course having Diabetes insures there will be something else to fill its place very soon.

  4. Tim

    To be honest, when I need them I just nick batteries out of the zillion meters I’ve reviewed for this site.

    However, Abbott are good in that they sent me a free data cable to connect my meter to the PC. It was the wrong one and therefore didn’t work, but – hey – 10 out of 10 for effort.

  5. Ckoei

    I just nip off to our local watch mechanic to stock up on my meter’s “Fruit Pastilles”. (The same ones used by Abbott’s {and most meter manufacturer’s?} machinery)

  6. Chibbs

    Over the years I’ve found that most meter manufacturers(Accu-chek, life scan and others I cant recall atm) provide free batteries, control solution & log books. In my 20yrs of D I can’t remember ever having to pay for bits for my meters but the net has thankfully made it easier to order them.


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