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Drowning puppies in Lake Geneva

Readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will recall that m’colleague and I were invited this weekend (along with a bunch of other European bloggers) to Medtronic’s Swiss lair to discuss all things diabetes. Which was nice. The general consensus of received opinion is that giant medical companies are pure evil – crushing patients beneath the… Read More »

Medtronic – 2nd Diabetes Internet Forum

Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will dimly recall that everyone’s second favourite pump manufacturer Medtronic flew me to sunny Lausanne last year to talk about diabetes-related stuff with other European bloggers. Obviously my defamatory comments about Medtronic delighting in drowning puppies (that is, after all, what Big Pharma loves doing) in my write… Read More »

Medtronic Internet forum

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this weekend I attended Medtronic’s first Internet forum in sunny Lausanne. This was my first in-person encounter with Big Pharma and while I would dearly love like to report that Medtronic are evil, cruel to infants and regularly drown puppies (especially as I know they will be reading… Read More »

Medtronic – 1st Annual Diabetes Internet Forum

The Internet-enabled pancreatic horde will no doubt be thrilled to hear that everyone’s second favourite insulin pump manufacturer – Medtronic – is holding its first ever Annual Diabetes Internet Forum in sunny Lausanne this weekend. And I’m going. According to the bumf I’ve received, the forum is designed to “collectively discuss and explore the internet… Read More »