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Diabetes at conferences

Such is my continuous life of glamour, I’ve got back from a conference of intellectual property practitioners at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (or  L’Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle if you prefer its French name)  in Geneva. You’ll be pleased to hear that I won’t bore you with the details of the conference or… Read More »

Diabetes fatigue

Every once in while, each member of the pancreatically challenged hoard comes up against diabetes fatigue. This manifests itself through the victim running themselves down into a slough of despond, shaking their fist at the heavens and generally cursing their wonky pancreas. I’ve been suffering from diabetes fatigue recently and it’s not entirely fun. I… Read More »

Diabetes expert. Who? Me?

One of my friends introduced me to someone the other day as a “diabetes expert”. I’d never really thought of myself as an expert. Do I fully, 100%, in depth understand the biology of diabetes? Not really. I function pretty well at the islet cells don’t work level, beyond that I only really take an… Read More »

Storing insulin

Anyone who has read an account of Banting and Best’s discovery of insulin will know that they worked their guts out to come up with a cure for us diabetic hoards. Many dogs gave their lives for diabetic research – having their pancreases ligated allowing their pancreases to atrophy – leading to their untimely and… Read More »