Diabetes expert. Who? Me?

By | 11 September, 2009
A real, live diabetes expert

A real, live diabetes expert

One of my friends introduced me to someone the other day as a “diabetes expert”. I’d never really thought of myself as an expert.

Do I fully, 100%, in depth understand the biology of diabetes? Not really. I function pretty well at the islet cells don’t work level, beyond that I only really take an interest in the biological side when I look at the feasibility of treatments or cures eg you’re giving people new islet cells? Sounds good, how do you make sure you their bodies don’t break those like they broke the last lot?

Do I understand my diabetes? Can anyone say yes to this? If you can, could you please let me into the secret? I have a good idea of how my body reacts to insulin, ;

4 thoughts on “Diabetes expert. Who? Me?

  1. Tim

    I’m even confused by my washing machine – but then I’m a bloke, I just put *everything* through on “40 Cotton” regardless of colour, material, etc.

    Anyway, couldn’t agree more entirely with your point about actually living with diabetes. In my experience, the docs and nurses I’ve met are very knowledgeable, kind and do empathise very well; but there’s a gap where they really don’t get what it’s like to have diabetes 24/7 365 days a year (366 days in leap years) without ever, ever having a break.

    I sometimes think of suggesting they test their BG 6 times a day and inject 4 times a day with a saline solution day in, day out and without fail to get a slight measure of what it’s like. But I don’t because I’m a coward! 🙂

  2. k2

    I absolutely think that we are experts at living with diabetes. Living with D, 24X7, 365 days a year is absolutely different that working with diabetes 40 to 80 hours a weeks. Like Tim, I get confused by household appliance things (not the washing machine- I’m actually quite the “Laundry Technician) but things like the remote and directional things like reading a map ( I can’t) and the whole North,South, East,& West thing.
    But living a great life with Diabetes,for 30+ years? YES I am an expert!
    Kelly K

  3. Alison

    @k2 I suppose it’s lucky we’ve become experts in the important stuff. It would be a tough life if I was a microwave genius but didn’t know the first thing about insulin dosages!


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