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So farewell Lantus

In preparation for starting on Englebert “The Pump” Pumperdinck next week, I’ve put in my last evening dose of Lantus as I move to sticking my long-acting insulin in the morning for the next week. I’m going to be connected to Englebert sometime during the morning of 2 November and so I obviously don’t want… Read More »

Why are insulin pens so ugly?

One of the many wonderful features of diabetes is the sheer, damned boredom of it all. Diabetes is generally about the day to day uneventful plod of checking our blood glucose and balancing carbohydrate and insulin intake. While there are sometimes the exciting peaks and troughs of extreme hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia – which do, admittedly,… Read More »

Fun causes cancer

The major story that’s doing the diabetes news circuit at the minute is the cheerful report that suggests that everyone’s favourite long-acting insulin lantus can cause cancer. Thrill seekers can check out Google news if you want the very latest. Being an avid lantus user (40 units a day at 7.30pm fact fans!) I had… Read More »