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By | 16 December, 2009

Well, it’s that time of the month where yet again we reveal the results of the latest poll (no, we hadn’t forgotten about it, thank you). Last month we asked what you thought of your local health care provider.

In general it seems we’re all pretty content, with the vast majority of respondents noting that they thought their doctors and nurses were “On the whole not bad at all” with second place going to the utterly average health purgatory option.

However, before our health care friends become too complacent, a significant number of people chose the option of using a witch doctor in preference to a modern hospital. Good luck to ’em!

Anyway, the latest poll has just gone up and we’re asking “How involved in diabetes politics are you?” By this we mean are you the sort of person who writes angry letters to your MP and is the first to man the ramparts with a flaming torch? Or do you prefer to shrug your shoulders to diabetic issues and slump on the sofa, PS3 controller in hand? Let us know!

Those results in full:

On the whole not bad at all – 25
Neither good nor bad – health purgatory – 7
So bloody awful I may as well use a witch doctor – 7
Faultlessly brilliant. I’m in awe – 6
Needing a lot of improvement – 4

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