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The misery of illness

I’ve been ill for the last few weeks. I’ve been struck down, bedridden and generally miserable. I’ve not been ill with fevers, the bloody flux or brain distemper, but with that most horrific and virulent of viruses – the common cold. Colds, in my view, are underrated. They make you feel crap for weeks on… Read More »

Thumb down

I am a little bit incapacitated. Not very much, just a mild inconvenience but it seems most noticeable during diabetes related activities. I’ve hurt my thumb. I strained it whilst competing in the national hand stand water skiing championships last week (or maybe I twisted it somehow whilst doing the gardening – you decide).  Anyway,… Read More »

Influenza Gentlemanius

For the last week or so I’ve been suffering from the worst affliction known to man. Worse than diabetes (that’s just a failed pancreas), worse than chicken pox (that’s just itchy spots everywhere), worse indeed than the Ebola virus (that’s just your innards liquefying into a horrific bloody sludge). Yes, I’m talking about Man Flu… Read More »