Blood glucose reading contact lenses

By | 13 January, 2011

From an article in New Scientist:

THE next time you gaze deep into someone’s eyes, you might be shocked at what you see: tiny circuits ringing their irises, their pupils dancing with pinpricks of light. These smart contact lenses aren’t intended to improve vision. Instead, they will monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or look for signs of glaucoma.

This dog thinks this potential development is cool for two reasons a) accurate CGM, b) makes you look like a benign Terminator – total win on both points!


17 thoughts on “Blood glucose reading contact lenses

  1. Annette A

    It says that one of its problems is that they make you look like the robots out of the Terminator movies (or the Goa’uld thingies). Personally, I dont see that as a problem… (although I have to say, I shrink at the idea of putting anything near my eyes, so that might be a problem. The trouble I have with optitians…)

  2. Rohan

    WantWantWant! That would be SO cool, as long as you could get prescription versions too, of course…

    Also, the Goa’uld alike factor would go down with my local paintball centre, who HAVE A STARGATE! Lol, I love geeks πŸ˜›

  3. lizz

    Noooooooooo… I can’t wear contact lenses (along with a fair percentage of the population). I want something cool everyone can wear! I mean, what about a sparking light in the middle of your forehead? Huh? Or something like Geordi’s visor…

  4. Alison

    In my mind, if I wore my sensor on my forehead I’d look just like Seven of Nine. In reality I don’t look quite good enough in a red jumpsuit so I’ve never risked the pain of inserting a sensor into my temple!

  5. Annette A

    Ooh yes, glucowatches. And personal jetpacks and teleportation and all those wonderful techy things they promised us in the comics and Tomorrow’s World that never quite materialised…

  6. Tim

    @Annette – even I knew who Leela was! If we are talking sci-fi can we somehow crowbar the conversation round to Amy Pond of off of Dr Who? Cor!

  7. Rohan

    @Tim – ANY time you care to mention the delightful (and all kinds of other things) Amy Pond PLEASE do! The more often I am reminded of her the better!


  8. Rohan

    Don’t tempt me! I can’t afford to be a stalker… All those flowers and dates she wont turn up to… Never-mind the travel to hang around outside her house at all hours! πŸ˜›


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