Comatose and rotting toes?

By | 5 February, 2016
Alison’s preferred sleeping quarters when not writing for Shoot Up

Just in case you were wondering (which I suspect you weren’t), I’m glad to report that your soaraway Shoot Up is alive and well and hasn’t in the time since our last published article either become comatose or, indeed, had any podiatry-related issues relating to our collective toes.

Earlier today I put a post on twitter asking if we should post some more articles. Despite an overwhelmingly negative response and a very aggressive, unpleasant backlash from our readers, I decided to ping Alison an email and resurrect her.

Apparently she has spent the last two years sleeping upon the soil of her homeland in her foul crypt – or raising a toddler, which is apparently much the same thing.

Back in the world of diabetes, I note that – according to the Daily Mail at least – we’ve all been cured of type one and / or condemned as a massive drain on the NHS. Medtronic – allegedly – continue to drown puppies in Lake Geneva and, apparently, I hear that Diabetes UK has got rid of its beloved pink hummingbird. Good riddance, I say.

In other news, I’m just about to get a new pump – Medtronic’s 640G – which every other blogger in the world (aside from American ones – ha ha!) has used, tested and written about in great detail. Apparently Alison has had one for yonks, so yet again I’m trumped by my co-writer. So I will probably follow, a year or so behind the curve, and write about it too. That’ll teach you.

So there we have, it feels nice being back in blogger land. But I’m sure this mawkish sensation will wear off when I finally sober up.

12 thoughts on “Comatose and rotting toes?

  1. Alison

    Tim, you poor thing, you’re always a few steps behind. We’ve all been cured, there’s only you left. The rest of us are just pretending to be diabetic out of spite to try and prove the Daily Mail wrong.

  2. Annette A

    I’ve not been cured. But I have been reliably (?) informed that the only thing I can’t do as a T1 is drink 2 bottles of wine a night. So that’s alright then.

      1. Alison

        I will never let anyone tell me I can’t do something because of diabetes. I’ve opened the first bottle of wine, second to follow shortly. Hic…

        1. Tim Post author

          Quite! I’m currently on a bus (isn’t technology something, eh?) with a shopping bag full of wine and pizzas. If it wasn’t unseemly to swig from a bottle of merlot on the number 44, then I would be doing exactly that!

  3. aileen

    Welcome back Tim and Alison! Enjoy your pizza and wine tonight Tim (behind Alison again!) … and your 640G when you get it!!!

  4. Paul

    I merely had to play Led Zeppelin backwards whilst chanting to get my appointment for a 640g (this Tuesday is now Christmas for me!)

    Suspect that if I want sensors I’ll either have to cross their palms with silver (thanks NICE) or resort to puppy drowning – actually I hope they don’t mention it on Tuesday, neville stay away from Geneva i may do it!


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