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Shoot Up's new birthday suit

The observant among you may have noticed a few changes with your soaraway Shoot Up. In celebration of our first birthday I’ve been tinkering around under the hood with the intention of improving the site’s “user experience”, whatever that means. Essentially you’ll keep getting the same quality Shoot Up blogging goodness but now the forums… Read More »

Shoot Up night out

As a result of wildly popular demand, the next Shoot Up night out is scheduled for Saturday 13 February. Taking place in the heart of sunny Edinburgh, we plan to  eat food in a restaurant – to behave like civilised people [update: someone neglected to book a table in time – Valentine’s weekend busy, who’da… Read More »

Poll results – how much do you know about diabetes?

Well chaps, it’s that time of the month again – poll results time. Hurrah! As always, our highly scientific, balanced, bias-proof, carefully weighted survey has caught the mood – the Zeitgeist, if you will – of the diabetic community. The majority of people answered our question “I know… a) everything about diabetes; or b) nothing… Read More »

Answers to search engine queries

Being modelled on a nightmarish Orwellian police state, here at your soaraway Shoot Up we monitor your every move on the site with incredible and intrusive detail. After all, there have to be some benefits to running a blog. One of the metrics we can see is what people type into their favourite search engines… Read More »

Poll results – best way to manage diabetes?

Well chaps, it’s that time again – the much awaited results of our latest poll. This month we asked what the diabetic hoards thought were the best ways of managing Type One diabetes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the number of clearly biased pumpers who read the site, the option “21st century – pump therapy” came out… Read More »

Tim & Alison meet

Tim: I suppose it had to happen sometime. Sadly we couldn’t keep on corresponding exclusively via email and unfortunately the founder members of your soaraway Shoot Up had to actually meet in person one day. So it was with great regret and a heavy heart that my wife Katie and I agreed to meet up… Read More »