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      Hairy Gnome

      …that this blog attracts so many intelligent and articulate women? Can there be a connection between diabetes and female intelligence? Could it be @Tim‘s magnetic personality? There are times when this poor old gnome feels slightly intimidated (read terrified) by the sheer brainpower displayed in these posts by the fairer sex. Damn it though, it’s so much fun! :P

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      Ahh, @Teloz, you shouldn’t feel intimidated, we’ve been very gentle with you so far. Wait til we really get going ;-)

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      Annette A

      I’m suspicious. What is it (apart from the obvous ;-) ) that @teloz wants now…

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      Annette A

      The obvious being World Peace, and end to hunger and a cure for diabetes, of course…(what? What else could I possibly have meant? ;-) )

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      Babes without betas are brilliant:
      Not one could dare be a silly bint
      Who miscounts her carb bills,
      Then loses her marbles…
      @teloz, for your sake, a simple hint :D

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