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      I was eating some lovely champagne-infused chocolates from Thorntons today (mmm!), and they got me thinking about how often I’ve used poor innocent diabetes as an excuse. (explanation following I promise :P)
      You see, my mum asked if she could try one of my chocolates. A perfectly reasonable request, you might think…
      But no! Darn diabetes. I had just bolused for the full bag :O
      What a shame that the very disease which should be encouraging moderation was positively forcing me to eat *all* of my chocolates! And depriving my mum of a small treat in the process… :(
      Of course, I probably could have survived with 4g or so less carbs, but where would the fun be in that?
      So what diabetes-related excuses have you made, and, also, do you feel you should repent for your sins?
      I know I’ve used it to get out of class at least once, and I’ve read on other forums about people using their diabetes to skip to the front of theme park queues (something I’ve yet to try, but sounds very tempting)

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      It’s your mum I feel sorry fool – a unwitting and indirect victim of diabetes ;-)

      I think we’ve all played the diabetes card at some point :-) I’ll see if I can think of a good example, but in the meantime other readers will definitely have some.

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      Annette A

      Whilst at secondary school I (and my 2 best friends, because I couldnt be left alone now, could I?) were always allowed to sail straight to the front of the queue at the canteen – because I’d once got bored in the queue and proclaimed I might be going a bit low…Lasted all the 5 years I was there…
      And I certainly dont repent. The nuns told me too…

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      Ah good! As far as I’m concerned, we put up with enough. We’re allowed a couple of perks ;)

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