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    As an old-salt at this diabetes game, what top tip would give someone who is newly diagnosed?

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    Stop eating lots of chocolate and keep taking insulin – I did it the wrong way round and it’s taken a long time to sort out and get me on the straight and narrow (and well again – thank you pump!)

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    Not long ago my niece was diagnosed type 2, and was rather shook up by it. Naturally, she turned to me (although I’m type 1). My most ardent advice was “life is NOT over”. Yes, some things will change, but many things won’t, and you WILL go on.

    The next thing I had to get across to her was that those meter numbers are NOT a score or grade. They’re DATA. You (and your health care team) USE them to improve your treatment.

    Ok, that’s two top tips. But I think they’re important.

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    I think my top advice would be to learn as much as possible about diabetes and take control (and responsibility) for your own healthcare. For example, think of your doctor as a very useful member of your healthcare team and ask for their advice rather than just blindly doing as they tell you without adding any thought.

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