Taming the Tiger – free book for Type Two diabetics

By | 6 November, 2010

Blogger and diabetes educator extraordinaire Wil, who blogs over at LifeAfterDx–CGM Chronicles, has generously made his book “Taming the Tiger – your first year with diabetes” available for free. Yes, free! The book is written for type two diabetics and – as you’ve probably guessed from the title – covers that difficult first year post-diagnosis. So anyway, have a look if you’re interested and also check out Wil’s blog – it’s a great wee read.

Wil’s book: http://www.redbloodcellbooks.com/freehelp.html

Wil’s blog: http://lifeafterdx.blogspot.com/

2 thoughts on “Taming the Tiger – free book for Type Two diabetics

  1. Alison

    As well as Will having an excellent blog, it also happens to be the blog where I first bumped into Tim – I felt the need to correct his comment about CGM not being available in the UK. We started off disagreeing and nothing much has changed 😉


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