Diabetics need to control blood pressure

By | 10 April, 2012
The news, yesterday

The news, yesterday

The BBC reports today that half of people with diabetes are failing to keep control of their blood pressure, risking “damaging” complications, figures suggest.The analysis of NHS data in England by Diabetes UK showed the number of people not hitting their target has been stuck at about 50% in recent years.

This dog doesn’t worry about high blood pressure – mainly because I’m a dog and don’t have to worry about these things. As for you diabetics, there’s only one word for you – “PANIC!”

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17626129

2 thoughts on “Diabetics need to control blood pressure

  1. brian


    Slack news day after a bank holiday I would suggest.

    That is not say that BP is unimportant the UKPDS research project reporting in 1998 showed that it does have a bearing, but the establishment seem to think – because they don’t know – that pushing it lower and lower is better. What is needed is a ‘normal’ value for each person which I am sure will vary with the person. ‘Normal ‘blood pressure and cholesterol criteria have crept down over time, what is the evidence for this?

    Margaret McCartney – a Glasgow GP – has published her book ‘The Patient Paradox Why sexed-up medicine is bad for your health ‘ published 2012 ISBN 978 -1-78066-000-4 £9.99 (but as always cheaper on the web) a useful and readable book that covers all kinds of screening and other areas eg breast, prostate, blood pressure, cholesterol and giving the alternative view to the establishment – which is always useful to know when you make your own decisions on ‘news’ and even treatment, because these statements are given as fact – and are mere opinions in a lot of cases.


  2. Tim

    @Brian – Ohh, that looks like quite an interesting book – I’ve added it to my Kindle wishlist and will buy it once I’ve finished what I’m reading now.


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