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      Peter Childs

      Right Just spent 2 hours playing hunt the test strips….. Grrr they were down the back of the sofa!

      Got new prescription yesterday, put the Insulin in the fridge and left the Test (would call them Strips but they are more of a Cassette now which really confuses the GP when they need to prescribe them, Its for a Accucheck Mobile and I really like the Cassettes less waste and annoying used strips getting stuck everywhere we’re still finding them and I’ve been using the mobile for the last 6 months!) and Needles to take upstairs later…..

      Woke at half 3 not sure why decided to do a test in case there was anything wrong (Have been prone to both night hypos and hypers in the past….), Nothing wrong there, (6.8) still can’t sleep noticed only one test left in machine and since I’m going away today thought I’d better check where the new ones where hence 2 hour search for the cassettes…..


      Anyone else got any more amazing things they have done when they can’t sleep.

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      My middle of the night activities are nowhere near that exciting or energetic. I’ll sometimes read, or occassionally have a flick through my averages on my pump – looking at my average insulin usage for the past 7, 14 and 21 days. I rarely do anything with that information at 3am, but somehow it passes a bit of time, and I often feel like going back to sleep afterwards!

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      I tend to do diabetically unsuitable things like make a bowl of porage (healthy) sprinkled with dark brown sugar (not so good) and slob on the settee watching Jeremy Kyle / Judge Judy I have (dare I admit it ?) recorded and not yet had the chance to watch without hubby complaining about “trashy tv”.

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