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    @spikeymikie asks: I have seen many changes in my 21yr diabetic life so far but as from Monday a new chapter begins as I’m going on a pump (animas 2020) and can’t wait. Anyone got any tips for a new pumper please?

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    I started on a pump in November (have a look here: for more guff about pumps). In my experience I found that I a) loved pumps; b) then hated pumps; c) then finally, came to love pumps again.

    Pressing the buttons and bolusing, etc., is easy and you’ll much prefer it to injections. But getting the basal settings right is difficult (in my view) and took me about three months to get right. They are much different from injecting and I found it quite difficult to re-learn a lot of diabetic skills and what-not. So, while I found it very frustrating to begin with I got there in the end.

    “Pumping Insulin” John Walsh a bit of hefty textbook, but it covers off everything you might want to know in great detail. You can – of course- ask any questions here! :-D

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    Thanks for that Tim, well both me and my son both started our Pump life this afternoon and already I think I know what you are talking about. About 5 years ago I went on the DAFNE course and at the time it was a diabetic life changing experience which gave me the freedom away from jabbing at certain times and eating a set amount of carbs. I expect this pump experience to me the next step to normality (if that can be obtained) but with a whole new learning plan needed and to forget everything that I have previously learnt. I expect the first couple of months to be a challenge as getting to know how to live with the thing!!!

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    Hi @Spikeymikie, I would be interested to know how you and your son are managing with your pumps? Do you think your son is finding it easier to use than you? I have a friend whose child is starting to rebel re MDI but parents feel tubing could be a problem with sporting activities. Just wondered what you think? I love my pump I wish I’d had it when I was a lot younger.

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    Hi Katherine,
    It has been two weeks today since we started and both making steady progress and have been warned not to bring into line too quickly as may cause problems to our eyes. Although it not really a competition we are about level at the moment with the basic basal rate (background) roughly sorted as we both suffer with morning highs with Dawn Phenomenon and I can actually see my son benefitting with the pump although there has been a couple of times where maybe I have taken a little caution on what he does which he does not like being 10yrs old! Initially it was his decision to opt for an insulin pump and shortly after I was given the opportunity and so far so good for both…

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    Both starting at the same time? That’s cool – so you can both learn at the same time. Let us know how it goes for both of you – I know we have a lot of readers who are toying of moving to a pump. :-)

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