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      My wife was in my son’s primary school this morning dropping off and collecting a lunchbox that was forgotten yesterday for the umpteenth time. Whilst there she had a quick quick chat with a Teaching Assistant about a few things and ongoing support for the class and the school as a whole.

      There is a T1 child in the top class that will be leaving to go to high school this year; a nice lad who recently switched back from pump to MDI. Anyway, when he goes a chunk of funding the school receives to support him will also disappear. Apparently it is a significant amount.

      I wasn’t aware that schools received extra finding to support diabetic kids and that this amount was enough for the school to notice it’s removal. Thinking logically there will be a need for extra support and I suppose this will need to be funded from somewhere but this was the first time I’d heard about it as a separate figure. The TA also mentioned that the amounts given to support physical medical needs are noticeably greater than those provided for special educational needs based on attainment and behaviour only.

      I’m guessing the parents of children with diabetes know all about this but I found it interesting to hear it for the first time.

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