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      In an ongoing onslaught on British cuisine (I’ve already caused the server to melt down by comparing earwax to Marmite), I’ve now zoomed in on your favourite pudding sidekick.

      Years ago, I had my ears pierced, after which they started festering and to produce enough cheery yellow stuff to fill a tart.

      Which brings me to infusion sets and their accompanying “open wounds”: Are you asked if your pierced ears got custardy before you can start pumping? Or does a pump-company allow you to “test-drive” a pump to see if you get custardy before the NHS “buys” it for you (or passes it on to Tim*)?

      *Tim gets custody because Alison gets custardy?

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      This thread has already made me feel queasy; I suspect it’s not going to get any better. I’ve no idea what the NHS do with pumps, they still won’t give me one of the damned things.

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      I am delighted to confirm I have never been plagued by custardy ears or infusion sets. I know some people do occasionally get a little infection type custard in infusion sites but I think a little antiseptic cream usually sorts it.

      I’m not sure I’ll ever enjoy custard again.

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      Luckily I have been custard free to date apart from a little on my spotted Dick ,,, or jam roly poly ! :/

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      Annette A

      No custard here to date.
      My ears went more greenish. Lime custard maybe?

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