Congratulations to the Animas Channel Swim team

By | 26 July, 2011

Congratulations to those pancreatically challenged types who swam the Channel last week to raise funds for JDRF. All the diabetic swimmers were wearing Animas pumps, proving that you can do pretty much anything when wearing a pump.

Alison has asked me to point out that on the list of things stopping her swimming the Channel, her insulin pump is not even on the first page, but all credit to the team. While they are quite clearly mad to have even considered doing it, that shouldn’t stop us from raising our Fruit Pastilles in celebration to toast their successful crossing.

5 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Animas Channel Swim team

  1. Tim

    Quite why they have to put ® after every mention of the Animas mark I don’t know. Even more idiotic are the people that put the little TM symbol after everything. Intellectual Property lawyers – they’re all scum, with no exceptions.

  2. Dave

    With the number of Animas mentions I hope the sponsorship was suitably substantial.


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