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      When I became of an age to require such things, I was told by a (sexual health, not diabetes) nurse that as a diabetic I couldn’t take the combined pill because of the increased risk of heart disease or something (it was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten the exact reason tbh).

      So for many years I’ve unquestioningly used non-oestrogen based alternatives (mini pill, injections and now I’m on my 3rd subdermal implant) and all of the sexual health people have gone along with this. BUT on a recent clinic visit, my consultant asked in passing why I chose an implant, and was very surprised to hear I’d been told I couldn’t take the normal pill- he said many of his patients take it with no problems, and he wouldn’t consider there to be an increased risk of anything!

      So really, I’m interested to know what advice you lot have had, and whether I’ve been blindly following crap advice all these years, or whether my (late middle aged, male) consultant is simply not very informed on such matters!

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      From somewhere deep in my memory, I seem to remember having a conversation years ago about there being something about the combined pill that increases the risk of blood clots – which if you already have/are at high risk of heart/circulation issues might mean it’s not suitable for you.

      I think it’s like everything – the safe opinion is to say it’s not suitable for diabetics. The more informed approach would be to look at the individual because we diabetics are a fascinatingly ;

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      Annette A

      Yes, back when I was on the pill, I was told I couldnt take the combined one. But right now (with the aspect of premature menopause hovering and the possible need to take HRT) apparently diabetics can only take one form of HRT – the combined one. Go figure.

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