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      Hello fellow pancreatically challenged peeps,
      Today I had some marvellous news and as I’m feeling particularly smug about it, while it lasts, I’m going to brag! (go on, indulge me!)

      I let slip on here a little while ago that I’d just found out I was pregnant (https://www.shootuporputup.co.uk/2012/02/diabetic-women-can-have-healthy-babies/)

      I’m now 16 weeks (about 3 months), I won’t lie, it’s been fairly horrific so far with swinging BGS, post meal spikes, a large amount of lucozade consumed and basal rates and carb ratios changing more often than traffic lights, oh and I’m still spending a portion of each day hugging a toilet bowl….


      my HbA1c that was 6.7% pre pregnancy, and 6.3% 10 weeks in, is today…. *fanfare!* 5.9%

      Yay! My consultant actually said “Your diabetes control is brilliant. This is as good as it gets, both for you and the baby.”
      For someone who had an HbA1c of over 10 for 23 years pre pump, this is a world away from the “this really isn’t good enough” that I used to get.

      @Megs I have therefore awarded myself your “Diabetes champion of the world” status for the day – hope that’s ok! :)

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