By | 15 July, 2010
It's me, Neville, the Shoot Up newshound!

It's me, Neville, the Shoot Up newshound!

Hello! I’m Neville, your all new soaraway Shoot Up’s newshound!

While Tim and Alison are away, I’ve snuck on to the site to tell you that from now on I’ll be contributing to the blog by bringing you snippets of news and information about diabetes and other related stuff that I’ve sniffed out from around the web. My articles won’t be as long as the boring opinion pieces Tim and Alison do – think more pithy and to the point. If you’re not interested in the outside world you can always just filter me out of your news feeds – but that might make me whimper pitifully and you wouldn’t want that. Would you?

Anyway, keep an eye on the blog for my new posts and do let me know if you see anything of interest to the pancreatic masses by emailing me at neville@shootuporputup.co.uk. Woof!

5 thoughts on “Woof!

  1. Tim

    Welcome to the team Neville! You didn’t need to sneak onto the site when we were away – you’ll be bringing interesting tidbits that all our readers will delight in. Possibly.

    While I’m on, I note you have a writing style that’s really quite similar to mine…

  2. Cecile

    @neville: If I were you, I’d steer clear of diabetics: they’ll have your pancreatic ducts ligated & have you pancreatectomised at the drop of a hat – if they don’t drown you in Lake Geneva first…


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