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      Looks like Abbott have made a small boo boo!

      Who do you trust? Do you trust or can you trust your meter? I know after having problems with my Nano I no longer trust what it is saying! Scary and Sad!

      @tim Be interested in your thoughts? Seeing as you are the global ambassador for Abbott :)

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      Puh! I’m not an ambassador for them – I just quite like their meter! :-)

      Anyway, these are made in the USA and my strips come from Europe, so I don’t care ;-)

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      Hairy Gnome

      Same here really, all my kit is European, so no problems. Actually I do trust my meter, it works really well and doesn’t give me any problems, though the ‘window’ that reads the strips needs an occasional clean.

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      Annette A

      I thought all my kit was European. Then I read the label on the box of my latest batch of cannulas. And they were made in Mexico. And the previous lot were made in the US. (And were actually noticeably different, which is why I went looking.) And the next box has no ‘made in…’ text on it. So don’t assume they’re from Europe – the makers will fulfill orders from wherever they have stock…

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      Also your pharmacist might do grey imports to cut costs and to make more money on prescriptions. Nothing wrong with this, but you can spot it if you have labels in English stuck over Greek or Spanish instructions on the tub, box or whatever.

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