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      Recently I have been struggling to get a large enough blood sample from any of my fingers. I have been changing lancets regilously and have the lancing device set to the maximum but am getting too many error messages due to the blood sample being too small, I just cant squeeze any more out in time to prevent my meter sending me errors.

      I have used blood testing for decades since it was introduced in the 1980s and have up until now managed to get enought blood out.

      Has anyone tried alternate site testing and if so which part of you do you use and have you noticed any differences in results? I have read that fingertips are the most accurate and without hypo awareness and with using cgm I’m not sure it would be a sensible move.

      For now I think I’ll probably keep battering my poor fingers and accept I am wasting some strips. Are all lancing devices set to pretty much the same depth or can you get a battering ram type device for rhinocerous skin fingers?

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