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      Hairy Gnome

      I started this topic as I didn’t want to hijack @Alison‘s comments thread about infusion sites. Looking at the diagram she linked to, (See it again Here!) there seems to be a band of ‘available space’ across the top of the tummy, above the navel. I had the impression, possibly erroneously, that one wasn’t supposed to inject above the navel; can anyone tell me if it’s possible, or does it only work for infusion sets?

      Whilst I’m being serious for once, I sometimes get the feeling I’m injecting acid when I inject Lantus, does anyone else have this problem? I don’t think it’s anything to do with the large doses, as it starts immediately I start to inject, though It seems to be less if I inject slowly. The pain disappears within a few seconds most times, though occasionally it remains uncomfortable for a few hours. It’s not something I can’t cope with, I just wondered if it happened to others or if I was just lucky… :P

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      Regarding the site, I don’t have an official answer. I never injected above the navel with my pen (probably through fear rather than being told not to,) but have tried to infuse above the line.

      Regarding the Lantus, yes definitely. I am under the impression Lantus is actually slightly on the pH scale – I tended to hurt more with larger doses.

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      I’ve injected above the naval – not very much higher, but where there was still a layer of blubber to stick a needle into. I did find that the higher I went the more painful it was.

      And, yes, I found that Lantus used to hurt sometimes when I put it in – but I could never really discern a reason for it hurting or not hurting. It wasn’t wildly painful so I didn’t really investigate further, but I do recall – as Stephen says – that it does have a more acidic base than, say, Levemir.

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      I injected plenty in my stomach but rarely above my naval because I found it hurt. But infusion sets there are really comfy for me. Obviously this doens’t make any logical sense because they’re both just a needle.

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      Hairy Gnome

      Thanks everyone, at least I know now I can continue with business as usual. Although I’m not particularly stoic, it does give a little credence to the usual platitude one hears from nurses, “This may sting a little!” To paraphrase an old quote, “Gaia grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change things I can, and wisdom to know the difference!”

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      I inject all over my belly, but only the fatty bit. I find that whether or not an area hurts is fairly random, and just poke my self gently a few times til I find a spot that doesn’t instantly scream at me.. Usually leads to completely painless injections – even with lantus! And in the mornings (when I’m largely naked anyway) I take advantage of my sizeable flabby thighs and get some 90% painless injections in with very little thought :)

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