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    Hi All,

    I’ve managed to borrow a clinic CGM transmitter to go with my Medtronic Paradigm Veo for a week.

    So far I can’t take my eyes off the graph and whilst I’m loving the straight line I’ve got, I’m a little disappointed that my combo of heavy lunch and square-wave bolus is keeping me steadily at 10.1 to 10.4 mmol/l with 2.85 active units.

    Am I sad that I can’t wait for morning to see what happens overnight and also can’t wait to see it in action when I go for a bit of exercise? Unfortunately it will be vertical exercise not horizontal as I’ve already been told “I’ve got used to the pump bit sticking out but if you think you’re coming anywhere near me with that attached also you’re mistaken!”

    Any tips to get the best out of my six days. I’m hoping for some decent basal testing but obviously that depends on getting some good starting points.

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    Hi Dave, How exciting well I’ve no idea about Cgm but I reckon you really need to put it through its paces extreme work outs, extreme carb eating and fasting and of course alcohol use. How else do you get a good enough picture of what its like? Just extend Christmas time frivolities! Good luck…….. try and catch the extreme hypo ‘s though flat lines are ok but not if your so low!

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    Replacing our garden fence and at friends for drinks tomorrow night. So I’m trying ;-)

    And there’s a half-eaten tin of Quality Street in the dining room.

    I have a plan!

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    Go for it Dave – polish off the remainder of the tin, drink a gallon of booze and then loads of DIY while hungover. No greater test for a CGM!

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    Well after 24 hours I’m loving it. A heavy day in the garden today has tested my control and the warnings spotted an oncoming low before I did.

    Test 2 tonight is beer. Pizza tomorrow :-)

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    Sounds like you’re having fun Dave. I couldn’t stop looking at my graphs for days after I got it, it is amazing to be able to see what’s going on for a change. I found the overnight stuff most helpful at first, it gave me such an insight into what was going on.

    You can make it last longer than 6 days you know, you can restart the sensor at the end of day 6 (just go to “link to new sensor” and it will ask to be calibrated within a few minutes). That’ll take you to 7 days. If you want to extend again you’ll need to remove the transmitter and recharge it so you’ll only be able to do that if the hospital have given you the charger.

    Your wife just needs to get into Star Trek. I think the transmitter looks like the implant thing 7 of 9 wears on her temple in Star Trek Voyager and I don’t think many people would turn her down!

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    The graphs are addictive and showed that some late evening bombay mix that I thought I’d bolused perfectly for kicked in much later and kept me above 10 all night.

    Thanks for the tip Alison. Day six gets me to one day before I have to hand it back so the sensor restart will be very useful.

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    Looking forward to more CGM updates Dave. I have to say your posts so far have made me want to give it a go all the more.

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    I’m certain that after three days I’ve not seen the negatives so it’s so far so good.

    Control today has been a bit more ‘typical’ so that’s useful also.

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    As the CGM is borrowed what will you do when its taken from you? Will you panic (I think I would) as you realise that you have no idea how your body is really re-acting? (Although I ‘ve coped {note not perfect!} for 35 yrs and am ok so far)
    Are you going to try and fight to keep it?
    Do you think the doctors will study your results and alter much?
    Should we start a petition for Dave to keep the CGM?

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    Panic – as you say a week will/should not make me dependent but I think I will miss it. The graphs are blooming addictive.

    Study – I think it will be the usual discussion with the DSN to try new things. Thankfully it has confirmed my nighttimes are luckily stable.

    Campaign – I appreciate the sentiment but there are those far more worthy and needy than me. I know I am fortunate to be successful in my pump request so, for now, I’ll just borrow It regularly.

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    I could do with a campaign. Despite the fatct that CGM halved my hypos and stopped the machine in the night when I went below 2 (clearly visible on the records sent to the health authority) when we were all too tired to wake up, including alert dog Lola, they refused me CGM. Said they could only countenance it if it stopped my hypos nearer to 90%.

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