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      Being a Newbie with Pancreatic Deficit Disorder I’m still getting used to the whole “mind your carbs” thing so I was a mite miffed to find I’d made a bit of a basic error last week. To elaborate a touch, I was on a course which involved me sitting in front of a computer screen all day, something alien as I’m normally to be found charging round an aircraft hangar, so I knew my levels would be going up a touch and adjusted my dosage to compensate. What surprised me was how high I actually went and thought I’d got it spectacularly wrong, but as a (world champion) coffee drinker I had to use a machine (maxpax) and failed to account for the amount of glucose in the powdered milk used in the white coffee you get from such elegant vendors. Hadn’t even considered it!

      Just wondered if anyone else has fallen foul of hidden carbs/glucose etc and is there anything I should watch for.

      Tim (favourite ’70s/’80s pop group…….Hot Chocolate)

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      Whenever I eat out, or lunch is brought in for a meeting or something, I always seem to underestimate the insulin I need and end up high. The odd part is that this happens even if I take into account that I always underestimate and increase my bolus accordingly.

      Some times there’s just no figuring this out…

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      Happens all the time – there are just some things I eat so rarely that I can’t but screw them up! it’s all part of the fun really!

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      Hi Tim yes no added sugar ha ha ha give youself extra units even for salad. I was told that when fasting to find your for basal rate that the only true food you could eat without resorting to extra units are fried egg and bacon! Perfect oh and as much water as you wish! Apparently its all portion amounts relating to GI/L.
      Why not just follow your taste in music and have the Hot Chocolate give yourself a unit and enjoy. Perhaps its the charging around air craft hangers pushing your adrenalin up thats caused you to be high? Its life ! Enjoy.

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