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      So, i don’t know about the rest of you, but even after carb counting, some foods i find just lead to trouble and was wondering if anyone else had problems?
      For me, i find pizza (especially if it’s thick crust) is a nightmare, even splitting insuling doses…this usually ends up with skyhigh blood sugars at 3am
      And porridge – split dose, but i end up hypo….

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      Annette A

      I always had problems with porridge as well, or any healthy, fibre-filled cereal. And then I got my pump. The extended dose setting works wonders for me (I have a slow digestion, and would often end up hypo an hour or so after my meal) – being able to spread the insulin input over (usually) 15-30 minutes means I rarely hypo due to intake mismatch.
      I just dont eat pizza these days – it causes me more problems (with both blood sugars and indigestion caused by the erratic digestion due to high fat content) than than I get enjoyment out of eating it. So I don’t.

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      I’ve never found porridge to be very good energy food – always felt hungry not long after before I was diabetic, and now I go hypo. I just tend to avoid it now, or supplement it with something else…

      At the moment I am having serious issues with the good old DP, so any cereal is causing me problems at the moment!

      I’ve never had problems with pizza myself, but I also don’t particularly like think crusts, so maybe that helps?

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      I eat a lot of salad, which often causes some discussion of carb ratios when my doctor notices that I bolus 2.0 units for a 55 gram-of-carb meal. Must be all the fiber…

      OTOH, rice has the opposite effect on me.

      Either one of those throws any carb ratios out the window.

      The good news is that I have enough experience eating salad to be able to bolus correctly, and I just avoid rice.

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      @jay451: Just say Tata to Honda – basmati is a much better behaved rice than most others; or add a bit of pearl barley…or lentils (when you make Cape Malay breyani).

      If “porridge” refers to the oatmeal kind, I can sing along that it isn’t very fast-insulin-friendly; hypo-prevention-wise, I have better results after a bowl of cooled down maize meal or Maltabella (sorghum).

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      Fish and chips are a complete carb-car-crash for me – all those carbs, all that fat. I end up injecting for hours to cover it all off.

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