How is your diabetes?

By | 21 July, 2009
Typical doctors, yesterday. The one on the left hates everyone. Especially you.

Typical doctors, yesterday. The one on the left hates everyone. Especially you.

I’ve been seeing a Dr lately for something other than diabetes. That’s quite a strange experience because at some point they always ask the question “How is your diabetes?” How am I meant to answer that?

  • Truthfully – “It’s a damn irritation to be honest but it’s fine”
  • What they want to hear? – “I have it all under control, my HbA1c is perfect and my diabetes will in no way impact on your work”
  • Baffle them with science – “The CGMS has identified a problem with dawn phenomenon and I think I need to tweak my basals to counter-act some underlying  insulin resistance. Engage warp drive.”
  • Flippantly – “Why don’t you ask it? Hey, diabetes, how are you?”
  • Emotionally -“I thought you’d never ask, I can’t cope any longer, I’ve had this 26 years and it’s driving me mad <burst into tears for extra impact>”
  • Try to confuse them – “Oh, I’ve given my diabetes some time off, I thought it was feeling a little stressed so I said I’d cope on my own for a couple of weeks while it took a break”
  • Scare them – “Diabetes? Oh I don’t bother about that, the interweb said it could be cured with coffee so I’m drinking 20 cups a day.”

So, how is your diabetes?

10 thoughts on “How is your diabetes?

  1. Sarah

    This post made me laugh….
    I have no idea what the proper answer is. I wrote a similar post about the “what is that” question… I must say your answers are much better….
    Too funny…
    Thank you so much for this post

  2. Tim

    Other possibilities:

    Angrily – “You bastard! How dare you bring up my disability!”
    Surprised – “I’ve got diabetes? Oh my God! I didn’t realise!”
    Contemptuously – “Pah! I ignore my failed pancreas – who needs them anyway?”
    Surreally – “Fish!”

  3. CALpumper

    OMgosh. You two are Way funny.
    These answers Rock.
    Scare them. Nice. 20 cups you say? Guess I better get drinkin’!

    I love the surprised one. “Really? I have a disease? Sheesh. Wish someone had told me. Hey pancreas! Did you know about this? Oh you sent a memo 24 years ago? Via which technology? Oh, right. Hence why I didn’t know.”

  4. Ckoei

    Dr.: “So, how is your diabetes?”
    You: Chronically excellent, thank you.

    Dr.: “So, how is your diabetes control?”
    You: (Hop away on a pogo stick) or (point to the Himalayas)

    Actions speak louder than words (and a seemingly picturesque HbA1c).

  5. Hannah

    How have I never read your blog before? This was one of the most hilarious diabetes posts I’ve read in weeks. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Tim

    @Hannah I don’t know why you haven’t found us either! But welcome to the party – come on in, the water’s lovely!

  7. Rosie

    Favourite post 🙂 Laughing at work because as a pancreatically privileged so many things customers say sound like the science one, how embarrassing

  8. Alison Post author

    @rosief Welcome to ShootUp Rosie. Ah, we secretly like to baffle those with a working pancreas, it’s one of our evil super powers! I’m generally more tolerant of those who admit they don’t know what I’m talking about. People who pretend to have a clue but obviously don’t are given short shrift – I don’t expect you to know everything, it’s only irritating when you’re not human enough to admit that!


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