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      Because I was on anima insulin for so long, i get the magazine from IDDT. They have now branched out and help with any type of diabetes and treatment.

      Jenny, who is the editor and who started the magazine and company, was an opthamologist, and before Christmas published a letter from a reader that said she had been diagnosed with slight changes in her eyes, but had read somewhere else of a supplement that could heal eyes – so had started taking it. the changes had disappeared. As Jenny was an eye expert I decided she must have published the letter with some knowledge.

      The supplement is called pycnogenol.

      As I had been told in the letters from my last two eye photographs that I, too, had changes, I went out and got some, 30mg, and started taking one every day.

      The last letter, received about a month ago, says I have no diabetic changes in my eyes.

      The health food shop where I buy all my supplements said that the pycnogenol is very good for all circulation.

      I contacted Jenny and asked if the original correspondent had kept her eyes ok – as i was told by the eye hospital when I phoned up to talk about it that changes can come and go. Jenny replied that it was an old letter, she republishes it from time to time, and so she wrote to the correspondent to find out. And yes, the changes have stayed away.

      If you have eye damage, this is perhaps a good step to take.

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      Call me an old curmudgeon but I have an inherent suspicion of supplements and their related magical powers. It’s always difficult to separate out a positive effect from a “return to norm” or a placebo or something else (I was interested to read that placebos work even if you know they’re placebos; weird, eh?)

      This doesn’t mean that I don’t dabble however. Living in the Frozen North, I’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements this winter, even though medical opinion is very divided between whether they provide a genuine benefit or just produce expensive urine.

      I take the view that Vitamin D (and pycnogenol, probably) is pretty cheap and, as long as it doesn’t do any harm, then why not?

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      Pycnogenol is quite pricey unfortunately, but i got a load when Holland and Barrett were doing one of their half price sales.

      My Dr friend is adamant that everyone virtually should be taking vitamin D3. So do that too!

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      Vhari McEwan

      Hi all, I’m brand new to the site and loving what I’ve read so far.

      As a Type 1 of 41 years, I’ve had more than my share of problems, the latest being not being able to get on with my new insulin pump. Back on MDI but looking at ways to improve my control (;

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      Hi Vhari; welcome to the unrelenting misery and despond that is Shoot Up! 🙂

      I’ve split off your insulin pump problems into a new thread here: http://www.shootuporputup.co.uk/forums/topic/not-getting-on-with-my-pump/ as it should have it’s own discussion. Hopefully Lizz will get back to you on this thread about the pycnogenol – I know nothing about it!

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