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    Does anyone use any *Android* (non of this iPhone milarky) apps for managing their blood glucose results? If so, which ones and are they any good?

    I’ve been using Endomondo (http://www.endomondo.com) to track my cycling and it’s really useful and I wonder if there’s anything sort of similar for ‘betes?

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    I *think* GlucoseBuddy is available on ‘Droid. Can’t say I liked the fruit-based version myself, but it’s very popular, so it must appeal to some people!

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    GlucoseBuddy ’tis only available on fruit-based computers. :-(

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    There are two that I’ve used and found quite useful – OnTrack and BG Monitor. They each have pros and cons, but I’m using BG Monitor at the moment as I like the charts it produces, and it gives you nice rolling averages. I also like the layout of the data input screen, and the ability to add notes to things. The OnTrack one gives you longer averages, and has the ability to track more things (like weight, BP etc), but I wasn’t really using them much.

    Both free :)

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    I’ve got DAFNE online & ontrack on my phone.
    Both seem capable of doing standard diary stuff & a bit more if that’s your bag.

    I can’t say I’ve used them really since downloading them, I’m much more a diary & a pencil guy.

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    Interesting – thanks chaps, I’ll have a look at these and report back with my findings. I use an Android phone and tablet a lot now and, for work at least, computer has superseded pen and paper; so it might be interesting to check out these new wonder-apps

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    @timhttp://www.glucosebuddy.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3219 :)

    Seems to lack the sync functionality, but is said to work fine as an independent app

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    @mike – ah, nice spot Mike – I’ve just found it and installed it for testing.

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    I looked at this a while ago and started reviewing a few a while ago and gave up. The beginnings of that are somewhere on my own blog…. peterchilds.wordpress.com . To put it simply I gave up none of the really fitted what I wanted all having issues of one kind or another. None seamed to do the basics well and went straight for the fun features. There seams to be very few journal apps, loads of diaries but none looking the other way…..
    I even thought of writing my own. The idea is still on my todo list!
    Like most apps its a horse for courses case. One person will love an app another will hate.

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    @peter.childs Thats kinda what i’ve found every time over the years i’ve looked at computer logging/analysis gear.

    I too considered writing programs or apps but stopped because what I consider is important will be different to yours & both will be different from @tim needs!

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