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    Should meter manufacturers concentrate on a) making better meters, or b) lowering the cost of test strips? Answer c) both, is not allowed.

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    Annette A

    They should only be allowed to make a better meter once every couple of years. Not on a 6-monthly basis like they seem to be doing at the moment.
    And then when a better meter is launched, the strips for the older meters should be substantially reduced.
    Not good business sense, I know, and even more complicated when the newer meters take the same strips as the old ones, but that wasn’t the question…

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    If we had something like a “SCSI standard” (the standard that allows me to plug most any hard drive into any computer with a SCSI controller and have it actually work) for meters, then the endless upgrade cycles wouldn’t be so bad.

    One reason I hang on to a meter until my doctor practically shoves a new one in my pocket as I’m trying to leave the office is because each and every one requires special, proprietary software ($$), cable ($$$), and Microsoft operating system ($$$$$) in order to do a simple download of my data. If there was an open standard so that I could just get a new meter and still download my data, I’d be happy.

    I really don’t care how many colors it can use in a report or how fast it can upload all my data to a web site for every hax0r to see. I just want my damn data.

    What’s that? The original question? Oh yeah… I’ll pick b. The meters are already quite adequate. It’s time for the price to come down.

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    Defo B then mayhaps the poor peeps (type 2) having to get out the prayer mats in surgery would be able to have more strips so be able to monitor how the bgs are going ,talking of beegees lets have a chorus of “Staying alive” very apt !!!

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    @victoria – bizarre BeeGees fact-of-the-day. If you are performing CPR on a casualty you happen across in the street, but worry that you might perform compressions at the wrong rate simply match compressions (and hip wiggling) to the tempo of ‘Staying Alive’. Apparently it is pretty much spot on.

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    Oh and ‘b’. All t2s should be given access to strips (providing they are motivated to use the info to improve their control)

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