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      First, I’ll beam in on those of infamous others. Closer to home, the owner of my avataric milk jug’s brother once shot up his basal dose, only to realise afterwards that he’d used fast-acting instead of Lantus…and then proceeded to drive himself to hospital (hopefully, with one hand over an eye, to cancel out hypoglycaemic diplopia ;)).

      My own bumbles are as numerous as motes – if I had tweezers&time, I could eventually ;

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      My dad (also diabetic- thanks for that one pops!) managed to drive 200 miles to visit me before realising he’d left his insulin at home on the kitchen table. Driving back wasn’t really an option, so he decided to balance his sugar by combining not eating with tiny shots of my novorapid (he’s still on old school 2 a day mixtures, so we weren’t sure how much was safe) and lots of wine! My mother drove home…

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      Annette A

      I did once manage to do my evening long acting (not sure what,may have been Lantus but it was a very long time ago) twice. Wasnt sure what to do so spent rest of night testing every couple of hours and drinking lots of lucozade. (was away from home at a wedding somewhere un the far north of Scotland,so far out of my comfort zone!) Managed to still get to the wedding the next day without even my ever vigilant mother realising something was wrong…

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      I’ve forgotten my lantus once or twice; but that happens surprisingly infrequently. I seem to have developed an internal alarm clock that at 7.30pm trills “Lantus time!”

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      Yup, I’ve mixed up my Lantus and Humalog before.. but my best was probably ignoring the warning that comes with lots of medication, inc. antibiotics that says “avoid alcohol” – well, as a teenage diabetic I wasn’t very good at following rules.. oops

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