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Dear all,

My name is Mahamed Diriye. I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Psychology & an affiliate member of the University of East London Chronic Illness research team. The purpose of this team is to carry out research into many different conditions & illnesses that are not visible to anyone else, but may cause pain & discomfort . We look at the ways in which the illness or disease affects the lives of the people who suffer from these wide range of conditions. We look into the factors that may contribute to the illness, the effects that they have on the individual with the illness or condition & how they may be tackled.

Me & 2 of my colleagues are currently engaged in & conducting a 3rd year research project on type 1 diabetes as all 3 of us have a particular interest in diabetes as we each know people affected by the condition.

The purpose of our study is to assess the relation of certain psychosocial aspects in type 1 diabetic individuals. What we refer to when we say “psychosocial aspects”, are aspects of a person & of life that may influence other aspects. Another definition may be the numerous psychological & social aspects of life that influence a person’s ability to manage daily functioning. Things like a persons’ relationships with others or hostility (social) & self-confidence/ self-esteem (from your psyche – the mind). The psychosocial aspects we are looking to study are: social support, illness intrusiveness, memory lapses & depression & anxiety. The study aims to discover how these ;