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@charlie – thanks for the input :)

Paying for pen needles isn’t old school. My glass syringe that we had to keep in meths and sharpen every 3 months is old school! :) But yes I too remember those dark days of the NHS refusing to fund the needles. £15ish a sodding box! I think I made each needle last about a week :(

I’ll look forward to reading your article, we can compare complications then ;)

@mustard – I hear you on changing the needle, I don’t reuse any more and it does help somewhat. I’m currently using a Multiclix thingymybob that came with my AccuCheck Nano. So far I must say it’s one of the least painful I’ve used.

Cheers for the pump pointers peoples, I’m really starting to feel like I’m just trying to put things in the way of it now. I will be seeing the nurse in October so I’ll have a chat with her then about it.

If any one else does have any input on the BUPA / funding side of CGM though, I would be interested to hear what you know :)