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@nigho I’m sure plastic syringes for me only came in for me in the 80s. I was definitely at least 5 (1980) when using the glass version. Looking back now and also looking at my two young children I can only imagine the horror my parents had trying to stab a small arm or leg with such a relatively large blunt needle.

@mustard Years of ‘diabetic chocolate’ from Boots at Easter from well meaning rellies from Boots still conjures up memories of the taste of sorbitol. Yak! Don’t remember the Fresca but I do remember One-Cal as a predecessor of the now common no sugar options.

@annette Scale carrying is something I’m obviously in need of doing! On the plus side with all technological breakthroughs something as simple as nutritional infor on the back of packages is pretty darn useful – ie. a recent shaky session near my local co-op meant I quickly nipped in for some sugar boost. My preferred drink of choice (coke) was ridiculously expensive so I perused the juices fridge. Co-Op Healthy Smoothie was on offer although I was concerned at the word healthy in the title might reduce the carbs. I quick flick of the carton showed 14.7g per 100ml. 14.7!!!! It took a few reads to compute as my brain obviously wasn’t working at it’s best at the time. Bought, drank and my mind returned to sanity pretty quickly although I’m still baffled now as to how that can be marketed as healthy when it contains (using their words) 41% of the RDA of sugar.