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thanks for all your suggestions guys!
The eating lots idea sounds good @Tim but I’ve spent the best part of my life attempting to decrease the size of said tummy and while big round tum may help with space for siting infusion sets it will prob bugger up my ratios and I’ve only just got them sorted, so I’ll stick with little tum for now I think.

Haven’t tried arms @stephen, got to admit I don’t really fancy it and there’s not a lot of ‘bingo’ to my wings, but I’m willing to give anything a go!

@mustard – you wouldn’t necessarily have to wear the pump on your arm . In the winter if the cannula bit is on the upper arm under a sleeve, the tubing could go through the arm hole and the pump could sit in it’s usual home in my bra, (or clipped on a belt fellas!). Not sure I’d like the site on show in the summer if I was wearing a vest but hey – there’s a potential 6 months of arm siting available (more like 10-11 given we live in the UK!)

I do wear it strapped on my arm in the gym – with my mp3 strapped to the other arm, the equal weighting helps to equally tone the arms! – I’ve had a few curious looks and some braver approaches enquiring if it’s a heart rate monitor or a GPS! (gps in a gym?? no, really, I can find my own way to the treadmill thanks!)

@alison, I haven’t tried my thighs as they’re pretty lumpy too and vain as it is, I kinda think the Quicksets might stick out a fair bit in skinny jeans too?!
How do you see what you’re doing, putting it in your back???
My hips and bum definitely have plenty of pinchable fat – which is why I really don’t get why the sets aren’t working. @mustard, I do generally try to do a correction with the alt set/alt site to really give it a chance rather than just taking it out at the first sign of a rise so I’m pretty sure it’s a more longer term not getting basal in there over a few hours thing than an insertion thing.

Will give all suggestions a shot though! Damn these pesky cannula’s – they will not beat me!

Thanks for the link too @alison……I’m off over there then….

(not really! ;) )